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Pony Club Australia is committed to the highest welfare for horses involved in our organisation.

Horse welfare best practice is an evolving journey, and Pony Club intends to build on past practices with new research and the education provided in the Pony Club Australia Syllabus of Instruction to ensure the health and safety of horses in our sport.

Pony Club Australia believes horse welfare is everyone’s concern.


In accordance with Pony Club® values of integrity and horse welfare, the use of medications that may affect the performance of horses is prohibited.  This policy provides information for riders about banned substances, the mechanism to seek approval for the use of essential medications and disciplinary procedures for breaches of the policy.


The comfort and wellbeing of the horse is a priority, and there may be a need for ongoing treatment of horses with chronic conditions, such as Cushings Disease.  In these cases, the rider can apply for a TUE


Pony Club Australia is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all horses that are involved in our sport. Our policies and procedures seek to ensure the welfare of the horse is central to the thoughts and decision-making of riders, administrators and officials.


Ever seen something happen at a rally, muster or competition and wondered who to report it to? Have you or your club ever had an insurance claim and needed to provide further evidence? All Pony Clubs know that working with horses has its risks and it’s their job to ensure the right safety procedures are followed in the event of an incident or near miss.  

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