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There are seven Pony Club Australia Proficiency Certificates members can work through.  There are also older rider versions of D and D Star * manuals. You can view the contents of each level in the PCA Syllabus updated December 2020.

The E Certificate is perfect for horse-riding beginners or newcomers. It is the only optional Certificate. All certificates from D are prerequisites for the next level.

Pony Club Australia produces Certificate Manuals to accompany E, D, D*, C, C*, K and B Proficiency Certificates.

The early manuals have engaging exercises like drawing and quizzes for younger riders. We have also produced versions of the D and D* Manual written for older riders, using more suitable language and activities.

Rider manuals are structured around:

  1. The Rider’s​Tool Kit (horse ethology, behaviour and training)
  2. On the Ground (eg. foundation responses on the ground and some in-hand dressage tests for horse handling
  3. Under Saddle (riding)
  4. Jumping (where relevant to the level)
  5. Horse Management

Certificate manuals are for sale to members and registered Pony Club coaches, clubs and centres only. 

PCA coach and rider manuals are available on the JustGo membership and events portal.
How to order manuals and other merchandise. 


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

PCA’s Proficiency Certificates can now provide Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) towards many accredited courses. Click here to see where Pony Club can take you.

Leadership Certificate


Leadership training for members 14-18years


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