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A life with horses starts here

Parents play a vital role at Pony Club. We hope that both parent and children enjoy the experience

Pony Club teaches good sportsmanship, fairness over competitiveness, teamwork, and respect for coaches and others. We ask that you provide a positive role model for all the members and that you check out the Pony Club Australia Policies on this website.


There are many volunteering roles available with varying time commitments, (monthly rallies, fundraising and annual events) which help a Pony Club run more smoothly and help you stay involved in your child’s experience or simply in your local community.

Volunteers are the backbone of The Pony Club and indeed any community. By helping out, you could strengthen your CV, learn new skills and support a district youth sports organisation.


Provide Pony Club Australia with your feedback. Tell us what we are doing right, wrong or ask a question. Let us know!

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A life with horses starts here

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