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Pony Club is not just about riding. It’s about riding well into the future, bringing everyone along for the ride and caring for horses along the way. That’s why we created three national values awards. They are not competitive but are designed to recognise all our members who do extraordinary work and make an impact in the areas of sustainability, inclusion and horse welfare. The Values Awards are open all year.

PCA Community Captain Award

Community Captains consider the perspectives, skill level and ambitions of others and have the ability to make them feel safe, valued and included. Community Captains identify and create ways to bring people together for the greater good of Pony Club. They are ambassadors for the community spirit that unites the international Pony Club movement. The PCA Community Captain recognition award is awarded to a PCA member who represents the aforementioned attributes of a Community Captain, as demonstrated in a specific project, activity or innovation. The award is to recognise extraordinary efforts above and beyond what would ordinarily be expected of a Pony Club Australia member.
Examples include: Developing a support group for riders with particular needs/desires/ambitions, creating alternative or virtual spaces to connect people who are geographically distant, translating Pony Club resources and messages into alternative languages or forms of communication, removing a physical or social barrier to participation in Pony Club, accommodating cultural and linguistic diversity in Pony Club, creating new exchange programs, introducing Pony Club to the broader community through school visits or articles in media.

PCA Welfare Warrior Award

The Welfare Warrior recognition award is awarded to a PCA member who has put the horse’s health and wellbeing needs before their own on a notable occasion, or delivered a project that addresses the mental and physical aspects of horse welfare and wellbeing across one or more of the following areas: nutrition, health, environment, behaviour and human interaction. The award has been introduced to recognise extraordinary efforts above and beyond what would ordinarily be expected of a Pony Club Australia member.
Examples include: The innovative dissemination of welfare-related information and education, creating a new resource, designing or installing improved facilities, removing physical and social barriers to improved horse welfare (or addressing enablers), arranging for a workshop or forum with an expert speaker, conducting research to determine current knowledge, writing a grant to purchase Large Animal Rescue equipment for the club, creating a poster/webpage/mobile app, writing policy or guidelines, etc. The activity should benefit more than one horse, have direct impact on pony club horses and have direct or indirect impact on other horses.

PCA Sustainability Champion Award

Pony Club Australia is the longest running equestrian organisation in Australia. Sustainability Champions undertake projects which ensure the long-term environmental and/or social sustainability of Pony Club. The Sustainability Champion award recognises a Pony Club Australia member who has advanced the sustainability of Pony Club in particular and equestrian activities more generally. The recipient’s impact and achievements will be demonstrated in a specific project, activity or innovation in the areas of environmental or social sustainability.
The PCA Sustainability Champion award has been introduced to recognise extraordinary efforts above and beyond what would ordinarily be expected of a Pony Club Australia member.
Examples of environmental sustainability activities and projects include: Protecting water courses on Pony Club grounds and courses, implementing waste recycling strategies or policies which reduce the amount and type of waste produced through horse-related activities, partnering with community gardens to compost manure, hosting a horse property permaculture workshop or farm walk, writing a sustainability plan, writing a bushfire action plan, writing a natural disaster plan, introducing a new practice to reducing energy consumption at the club grounds, installing waste collection information and resources on popular shared-use trails, developing capacity for faecal egg counting and other practices which reduce the chemical burden on soils, educating trail riders about sustainable use of trails.
Examples of social sustainability activities and projects include: Projects which develop positive relationships and strengthen ties with non-equestrians in the local community, taking horses to retirement homes or hospices where appropriate, raising awareness of the benefits of having horses in the local community, creating events which support local businesses and not-for-profits.

Annual Awards 2020

On October 16, 2020 we announced the winners of the 2020 PCA National Awards.

The awards recognised contributions and achievements over the past 18 months, in the following categories:

  • Best achievement by a rider aged 12 years and under: Chloe Daun, Huntingfield Pony Club, TAS.
  • Best achievement by a rider aged 13-17 years: Holly Pulford, Murrumbateman Pony Club, NSW.
  • Best achievement by a rider aged 18-25 years: Sarah Gant, Hendra Pony Club, Queensland.
  • The Kay Irving Award for Coach of the Year: Rachael Edwards, Seville Pony Club, Victoria.
  • Volunteer of the Year (joint winners): Erin Hunn, Hobart and Districts Pony Club, Tasmania, & Lois Dawes, Babinda and District Pony Club, Queensland.
  • Club of the Year: Lilydale District Pony Club, Tasmania.

Congratulations to our winners and finalists. Thank you to all who nominated riders, coaches, volunteers and clubs. Special thanks to our guest judges Wendy Schaeffer and Megan Jones and our sponsors Heiniger Equine, Dmac Apparel and Gow-Gates Group.

View winners from previous years on our Honour Roll.

Finalists for the PCA Annual Awards 2020

10,000 Steps Tournament

In April 2021, we held our first 10,000 Steps Tournament. It’s a great way to increase your physical activity, enjoy the team vibe and have fun! The tournament is open to all PCA Members – riding and non-riding. Participants got their steps by walking, running and riding and we gave out some great prizes. View the winners and prizes in our 2020 10,000 Steps summary.

To find out more about the 10,000 steps program, how tournaments run and the science behind aiming to take 10,000 steps per day (or just increasing your steps), click on the logo to the right.



YAC Photo Competition 2020

In 2020, The Pony Club Australia Youth Advisory Council held a photo competition throughout August. The competition included five exciting categories: ?Best Concentration face – #PCAConcentrationFace, ?Fancy Dress – #PCAFancyDress, Glow Up – #PCAGlowUp, Portrait/HeadShot – #PCAHeadshot, and Action Shot – #PCAActionShot.

The WINNERS AND FINALISTS were selected from almost 1,000 entries. Special thanks to our judges (Heath Ryan, Cristine Bates, Click ‘n’ Capture Photography, Shane Rose and Bec Hennessy, owner of Bush Pony Media ) and sponsors (Ranvet, Horseland, Heiniger Equine, Bush Pony Media and EQ Saddlery).

Finalists for the PCA Annual Awards 2020


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