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 Pony Club Australia revised the Syllabus of Instruction in 2019. The major developments were:​ 

  •  A reframing of much of the existing content through Equitation Science. This approach legitimises,​refines and builds upon the more than 90 years of tradition in Pony Club coaching worldwide. It also provides ​the evidence for why the Pony Club Australia Syllabus of Instruction supports rider safety and horse welfare
  • The addition of ground​ work​ exercises.
  • The addition of information about horse behaviour.
  • The treatment of riders as horse riders AND trainers (not just riders).
  • The removal of several practices no longer considered consistent with equine welfare (eg. discouraging the pulling of manes and tails, encouraging small feeds prior to horses being exercised).
  • The D* certificate being made compulsory. This enabled us to remove content from the C that was a repetition of the D*. The only optional certificate is now the E, although it is still recommended for setting a foundation for the D certificate.
  • The removal of minimum ages for certificates. Riders can now commence their next certificate as soon as they are ready.

Overseeing the new syllabus has been one of the best-known proponents of Equitation Science, Dr Andrew McLean. Andrew is CEO of Equitation Science International, Behaviour Consultant to Melbourne University Veterinary Hospital and was a member of the Board of Pony Club Australia from 2016 – 2022.

There are eight proficiency certificates. For each one, we have produced a workbook/manual to support your learning. (Note: the A Level Certificate Manual is in production).


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A life with horses starts here

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