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 These gear rules are copyright, but downloadable for Australian Pony Club purposes. The National Gear Rules January 2024 edition come into effect on 1st January 2024.

They were developed for Pony Club Australia using the guiding principles of rider safety and horse welfare. The process of development included significant consultation with representatives from across Australia.

There is an annual review of the gear rules by the National Gear Committee. Updates will be placed here on the PCA website and communicated to members and officials. Members can still use the June 2023 Edition provided they also read the Addendum (right) which brings it up to date with the January 2024 Edition. The addendum is a quick list of the changes, updates and any new additions to gear.

Gear Exemption form 
This form is to for a rider to request permission to use a prohibited piece of gear for a specific horse, in special circumstances.

– Online Gear Exemption form
This form is automatically submitted when you press ‘Submit’.

Q: Can you use the gear while you wait for approval from your State?
A: No. Riders cannot use the gear in question at any Pony Club event (rally, muster, training or competition) until they receive permission in writing from their State Office, which they will need to present to gear checkers at all gear checks. 

Please make yourself familiar with the new Pony Club Australia National Gear Rules and continue to enjoy our sport which offers so much variety, fun and learning for so many.

Want to become a qualified gear checker? Check it out below. 


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