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PCA’s online Incident Reporting System is a valuable reporting tool Pony Clubs NEED to know about and use for all incidents and near misses from January 2021.  This page includes:

  • An explanation of the new reporting system
  • Posters to download to show others what to do to report an incident
  • A link to the online form to report an incident or near miss

Ever seen something happen at a rally, muster or competition and wondered who to report it to? Have you or your  Club ever had an insurance claim and needed to provide further evidence? All Pony Clubs know that working with  horses has its risks and it’s their job to ensure the right safety procedures are followed in the event of an incident or  near miss.  

Your Pony Club may already have a culture of safety – which is great! One way of improving this nationwide is to  take advantage of the free tools provided by a national organisation such as PCA. 

Currently, many Pony Clubs use paper-based incident reporting systems which have to be hand-written and then  sent on to your State office. This method is now redundant.  

What other new benefits of PCA’s online Incident Reporting System will affect Pony Clubs?  

1. The report can be filled in on a computer or mobile device on the spot, including adding any photos. The  system also allows you to use a mobile or tablet device to fill the form. 

2. Saves time and money – you, your State Office and insurer Gow-Gates receive an instant notification  once a form has been submitted. No need to waste supplies on printing and posting/ sending which  means it’s good for the environment too.  

3. Accurate and secure record-keeping for continuous improvement – If regular incidents or near misses  are identified in a high-risk activity or area, corrective steps can be taken to make the environment a  safer place for everyone. This system will be used to report:  

* Rider fall * Concussion / head injury * Non-fall person injury 

* Horse injury * Safety issue * Near miss 

4. Supports any insurance claims with Pony Club’s insurer.  

It is important every report is submitted online via the PCA Incident Reporting System 

Follow this link

More information: E:

Please click and download the PCA ‘Incident Reporting Guide Poster’ .

Clubs can easily laminate and stick them up at their clubrooms, in key areas on their grounds and at all PCA events.           A direct link to the Online Incident Report form is below:



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