Got a Complaint?

Pony Club should be a fun, fair and safe place for everyone to enjoy learning to ride and care for horses.   Unfortunately, sometimes our passion for our horse pursuits results in unacceptable behaviours that should be addressed.

If you believe someone has breached an eligible policy, rule or regulation you can report the behaviour or make a formal complaint.  A formal complaint will result in formal action from Pony Club® organisation or Sport Integrity Australia.  A report may not lead to formal action however may be actioned if considered necessary.

Sport Integrity Australia will manage alleged breaches of Safeguarding Children & Young People policy, discrimination in sport and doping in sport.

Pony Club® will manage alleged breaches of relevant policies, rules, and regulations at the level of the organisation best suited to manage the breach.

The complaint form below will help to ensure your complaint or report is directed to the appropriate organisation to manage the alleged breach.

If you see something, say something!

Need help, support or guidance?
Call our Integrity hotline: 0424 067 045.


Going through a complaint process can often make people feel overwhelmed, isolated, confused, and anxious. It can be an extremely challenging time for anyone involved, and it is important to look after your mental health and well-being and seek support if you need it. 

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