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Concussion is a type of brain injury, resulting from an impulsive force to the head.

A concussion is a subset of mild traumatic brain injury that is at the less severe end of the brain injury spectrum.  Relatively minor knocks to the head can result in a concussion. 

Concussion commonly causes short-term neurological symptoms which may become apparent over the hours or days following the injury.


The Concussion Policy provides information and direction to riders, parents, coaches and administrators on how to manage the health and well-being of pony club members with regard to concussions.  This policy aims to assist in safeguarding the health and welfare of riders and volunteers in Pony Club activities.


Any rider that suffers a fall or blow to the head should be screened for signs of concussion.

All falls must be recorded on the Incident Reporting Form and if there are any grounds for suspicion that concussion has occurred, the rider is not permitted to remount and continue riding unless the rider has undergone a medical assessment and written consent to continue riding that day is provided by a medical practitioner.

Any rider with a suspected concussion must undergo a medical examination before being cleared to ride at a
Pony Club event.

A rider diagnosed with a concussion is not permitted to ride at a Pony Club rally/muster or event for a minimum period of 21 days, and must be symptom free for the preceding 48 hours.

Riders can have a mandatory suspension removed by providing a certificate from a Medical Practitioner stating that full recovery has occurred.


Check out this video which helps to understand the process involved with reporting incidents and managing concussions at Pony Club.


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