Stockman’s Challenge

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Stockman’s Challenge is an individual competition that helps riders improve their balance and skills for other disciplines too, like mounted games, polocrosse, jumping and tentpegging. It helps get  horse used to all kinds of distractions.

It uses an obstacle course including ramps, small jumps, gates to open and close, and picking up and carrying objects. Points are scored for each obstacle and the highest point score wins.

In some states like Queensland, Stockman’s Challenge is a modern day tribute to the stockmen and women of years gone by.

It consists of a Dry Work pattern (no cattle) and a cattle work phase. The Dry Work pattern contains spins, sliding stops and roll-backs. The cattle work phase is similar to a campdraft and shows if a horse can easily control a beast just as he would working cattle in the bush.

More about Stockman’s Challenge here.


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A life with horses starts here

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