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An online tool to help clubs and zones grow stronger!

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Game Plan is an online tool to help club and zone committees develop strong and successful associations. 

Successful associations are those that go from strength to strength even when committees change over.  A club/zone with a plan that has strong processes, policies and procedures will be a successful club/zone.   Game Plan helps to assess your capacity and then build or maintain it. 

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Game Plan helps to create conversations, check off what your club/zone has in place and plan to make changes so it all doesn’t seem so hard or overwhelming.  Watch the video on this page to better understand how Game Plan can help your club/zone.


Signing up to Game Plan is easy.  Pick a club/zone based email to use for your super user, this way it will be easier to change passwords if required.  Other members of your committee can join your club/zone once it is created to access various modules that might be their area of interest such as the Treasurer may do the FINANCE module!

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