Excitement filled the air at Sydney’s Royal Randwick as the inaugural National Pony Racing Finals unfolded on April 20. Among the cheers and applause, two outstanding pairs emerged as champions, leaving their mark on the pony racing scene.

Championing the Spirit of Pony Racing

Emilia Savage and Aspen View Aylan from Bangalow Pony Club, NSW, claimed victory in the Large Pony Final, while Stacey Edwards and Napoleon from Millicent Pony Club, SA, triumphed in the Small Pony Final. Their wins showcased not just skill, but also the true essence of pony racing in Australia.

But this event wasn’t just about winning—it was about the journey. From qualifying races across five states to the final showdown at Royal Randwick, young riders aged 9 to 15 had the chance to shine, thanks to Pony Club Australia™ (PCA) and Thoroughbred Industry Careers (TIC).

More Than Just Racing

The National Pony Racing Series meant more than just competing. It helped riders improve their skills, build friendships between equestrian and racing communities, and learn about horse welfare.

PCA CEO Matt Helmers praised the finalists and thanked TIC for their support. He stressed how pony racing promotes rider well-being and skill development.

TIC CEO Lindy Maurice highlighted the event’s importance in showcasing racing careers. She thanked sponsors for their backing, which made the series possible.


In the Small Pony Final:

  1. Stacey Edwards, Napoleon, Millicent Pony Club, SA
  2. Aspen Pike and Onyx, Peel Metropolitan Horse and Pony Club, WA
  3. Mia Rose Cornish and Spots, Rochester & District Horse & Pony Club, Vic

In the Large Pony Final:

  1. Emilia Savage and Aspen View Aylan, Bangalow Pony Club, NSW
  2. Robert Scobie and Darcy, Mildura Alcheringa Pony Club, Vic
  3. Isabella Sprigg and Harry, Bonnie Rock Horse & Pony Club, WA
Looking Ahead

The success of the National Pony Racing Finals sets the stage for more thrilling races in the future. With support from sponsors and the dedication of young riders, pony racing in Australia has a bright future.

Congratulations to Emilia, Stacey, and all the riders and ponies who made the event unforgettable. As the sun sets on this chapter, we eagerly await the next exciting instalment of pony racing excellence.

Photos: Darren Tindale Photography