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Show Jumping is a test of horse and rider over a course of jumps, or ‘fences’. The fences are able to be knocked down and the aim is to jump the course clear, without knocking down any rails, and within the time limit. Riders get to walk the course on foot first, to work out where they have turn and to see the fences as the horse will seem. Riders who go clear often have to jump again in a ‘jumpoff’ over a shorter and higher course, against the clock. The fastest clear round wins.

A judge gives the rider faults if they knock a fence down, have a refusal or the horse runs around the jump (run out).

Like most Pony Club disciplines, the horse and rider combination are graded by the Pony Club and compete at their level, moving up the grades at they improve.

Riders can compete as an individual or as part of a Club, Zone, State or National team.

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A life with horses starts here

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