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Polocrosse is a combination of polo and lacrosse invented in Australia but now played in other countries as well. It is a team sport played on horseback and players use racquets with a loose net to pick up, carry, throw, catch and bounce a white ball. Two sections of three players play against each other with the aim to score the most goals.

A chukka in polocrosse lasts six minutes and after each one there is a break of at least six minutes so the rider and horse can recover. This means each player only needs one horse to play a match of polocrosse. While the players and horses are resting two other sections of players will normally be on the pitch playing.

A team can have three or six players. A full team consists of two sections of three players, who then play alternate chukkas for a total of six chukkas. Both sections scores are added together to get the overall match result. However, most Pony Club polocrosse matches are simply played in sections of three players playing three chukkas.


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