Marketing: Promoting Your Club     to Attract Members and Sponsors

‘Marketing Made Easy’ for your Club

You have made your way to ‘Marketing Made Easy’ toolkit specifically designed for our Pony Clubs®!

Why is marketing so important for our clubs, members and associations?

Well, marketing is the single most important factor for growing an organisation, attracting sponsors and building a member base. This folder holds the key to social media success, writing the perfect press release and how to utilise your tracking and reporting analytics. And so much more! 

We have prepared these easy to use tools and they will be available whenever you need them! Below is an overview of what you will find within each folder. 

Now go, master your marketing strategy/activity and get your socials rolling out. Good luck, and if you have any questions, queries or insights, do not hesitate to reach out to Pony Club Australia at

Simply click on the relevant tab below to discover all the tools to assist you in promoting your Pony Club to your broader community, encourage new signups and potentially new sponsors.

We appreciate not everyone is across social media. We thought these step by step videos might help you. Watch these videos to set up your social media account.

* Tips & tricks for your Instagram, and Facebook accounts.


‘How To’ Videos

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