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The new Coaches’ Manuals have up to 12 lesson plans each in them to help Pony Club coaches plan some activities using the new syllabus. The Coaches Manual is available to coaches through the Pony Club where they teach.

More lesson plans will be loaded here regularly.


MARK STEVENS - Jumping Grid

This lesson plan gives riders a greater understanding of why a jumping grid is a valuable training tool for both rider and horse and how the grid enables them to focus more on their riding technique, while steadily developing confidence in the horse readying them both for the start of their future show jumping.



This lesson plan aims to create a fun learning environment for Pony Club members and their parents in an unmounted session. Risk Management whilst essential to manage safety at Pony Club can be a dry topic and one difficult to get children excited about. 

SALLY DAVIS - Amazing Race

This activity works well for a camp, a Fun Day or a Rally where you want to integrate riders of all levels. It calls upon rider’s skills in areas of problem solving, team work, riding and theory. If you are short of coaches then parent helpers can be used to man the posts.


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A life with horses starts here

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