We are excited to announce that applications for the 2025/25 Pony Club Australia (PCA) Leadership Certificate Program are now open! This is a unique opportunity for our members to develop and showcase their leadership skills in horse sports and beyond.

Key Dates:

  • Application Deadline: July 31, 2024
  • Notification of Successful Candidates: Early September 2024

About the Program:

The PCA Leadership Certificate is designed to help Pony Club members aged 14-18 years (as of January 1st) grow into effective leaders. The program spans 12-18 months, allowing candidates to progress at their own pace through four comprehensive modules:

  1. Skill Development: Learn and develop a new skill related to Pony Club.
  2. Community Development: Gain skills needed to sustain and innovate within the Pony Club community.
  3. Leadership Development: Enhance personal leadership abilities.
  4. Reflection: Engage in reflection and reporting activities to consolidate learning.

Candidates will have access to a resource library, experienced mentors, and group sessions focusing on key topics such as project management, communication, and finance. To download the program brochure, visit: https://bit.ly/3VXsoWJ

Benefits of the Leadership Certificate:

  • Gap Year Opportunities: Secure roles domestically and internationally.
  • Vocational Learning: Assist entry to vocational pathways.
  • University Entry: Support early entry to university pre-ATAR.
  • Global Programs: Fast-tracked entry to “Leaders and Achievers” global programs.
  • Career Advantage: Gain a competitive edge in industry careers.

Success Story:

One of our recent graduates, Brydi Fittock, 15, from North Dorrigo Pony Club in NSW, completed an SES Youth Internship and earned her first aid certificate through the program. Mentored by Elizabeth Stanfield, a member of PCA’s Education and Development Committee, Brydi found the experience incredibly rewarding.

“I think it is a great opportunity to obtain new skills, grow as a person, and have a stronger voice. Unlike schoolwork and studying, the program’s content was extremely practical and enjoyable to participate in. I would highly recommend, whatever your age, to apply for this program as you will definitely come out a stronger and more confident you. The invaluable knowledge of the mentors and guest speakers you have access to is second to none,” she says.

To read more about Brydi’s story, visit https://bit.ly/3XISldZ  

How to Apply:

Submit your application by visiting: https://bit.ly/3VHXekT

Don’t miss this chance to develop your leadership skills and open doors to exciting opportunities. Apply now!