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It’s fair to say that Plan A is to ride at rallies and musters with your PCA mates. However, there are times when that is not possible. You or your horse might be out of action or you could be isolating due to the global pandemic. Here are some ideas to keep you active, learning and creative.  

Online National Quiz

Test your knowledge by doing one of the PCA Kahoot online quizzes based on the Pony Club Australia proficiency certificate standards. We have re-released the quizzes that ran as competitions in April, but this time around they are non-competitive which means there are no time limits on the questions – perfect to work with a study buddy or race a friend.

Week 1 Quizzes
Easy level  (E, D, D*)    Medium level  (C)    Harder level  (C* and above) 

Week 2 Quizzes

Easy level (E, D, D*)    Medium level (C)    Harder level (C* and above)

Week 3 Quizzes

Easy level (E, D, D*)    Medium level (C)    Harder level (C* and above)

Week 4 Quizzes

Easy level (E, D, D*)   Medium level (C)  Harder level (C* and above)

Work on Certificate Workbook Manuals

What certificate are you currently working towards? You can practice at home and write a list of questions in your manual ready for when you next see your Pony Club coach. Information on how to order can be found here. 

Learn more about Equitation Science

Our Syllabus of Instruction is framed by Equitation Science. The following YouTube channels provide free video instruction and ideas to support your learning: 

Equitation Science International

Sustainable Equitation 

Equitation Science Coaching  

Pony Club Australia Members can purchase this ESI online short course for half price! ‘How Horses Learn’ is an essential one hour theory-based course for riders, coaches and trainers of all levels and disciplines – designed to teach you the fundamentals of successful horse training.

The course is an interesting and enjoyable journey with interactive features, animations and knowledge checks throughout.
Best of all, it provides the same framework as our 2019 revised Syllabus of Instruction.
To receive your half price payment code, please email a copy of your current PCA membership to

Review your horse’s diet

Nutrient deficiency or excess will cause health issues for your horse and could mean you are wasting money on feed or supplements that are not benefiting your horse. How can you find out and get peace of mind?

Simply tell FeedXL about your horse, their pasture and what you are feeding. FeedXL will clearly show you if any nutrients are above or below the amount your horse needs to stay healthy. Then make adjustments until you get the best diet possible. Get 10% discount on a FeedXL subscription via this link.


Do a personality quiz for your horse

Pony Club Australia members are invited to take part in an ongoing survey – the Equine Behavior Assessment and Research Questionnaire (E-BARQ)Horse owners can upload photographs to a custom-built online dashboard, recording their horse’s progress in training over time. The “share-&-compare” graphs will reveal attributes such as trainability, rideability, handling, compliance, boldness, and human social confidence. E-BARQ’s main benefits are:

  • E-BARQ is open to all owners/handlers, regardless of their horse or pony’s breed, height or age and provides users with a free dashboard to store their horses’ results and track their progress.
  • Owners can compare their horses’ behaviour to others around the world, giving them a useful benchmark.
  • Riders and handlers can monitor their horse’s progress over time as they can return to their E-BARQ dashboard every 6 months and re-take the questionnaire, updating their scores.
  • Owners and riders will get a new insight into which areas their horses are performing well in and where they may require help.


Check out The Riders Pod

A PCA Member created The Riders Pod especially for riders. The App supports your health, wellness and nutrition goals. PCA Members save 20% on monthly subscriptions and 30% off annual subscriptions. Check it out here. 

Create an online record of your horsecare

In addition to recording visits from the farrier, trimmer, dentist and vet, all your training, exercise and lessons can be conveniently marked in Hopoti Horsecare. Diary entries make it easy to keep track of your progress and you can always go back in time to view your progress or identify patterns in your horse’s behaviour. It’s free to use so set up an account for your horse today. 

Crafty Tuesdays

Every Tuesday is the chance to try a horse-related craft activity. This is ongoing and can be found on the Pony Club Australia Facebook page – on Tuesdays! Search the Pony Club Australia Facebook page using the hashtag #craftytuesday. Get in touch with us if you would like to be a guest host for one of our Crafty Tuesday activities.

Listen to a Horse Chats Podcast

Horse Chats have recorded over 700 interviews with horse industry experts about more topics than you can imagine. Listen to an audience favourite, search for a topic close to your heart, choose something you know nothing about or choose one for a study group at your Pony Club or Centre. 

Take a free mini course about horses, pasture and grazing

Equiculture are offering a free course of seven short videos (total time about one hour) so you can learn more about horses and pasture and how to manage them in a sustainable way. Due to COVID-19, Equiculture have discounted the full 15 module course by 65%.



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