PCA is excited to introduce you to the awesome team representing Australia at the International Quiz in Kentucky, USA, in July. Let’s meet the fantastic members who will be proudly wearing the green and gold!


Annabelle Ennis-Wert

Annabelle is 20 years old and has been a member of Pony Club for 14 years, currently attending Werribee Pony Club. She competes mainly in eventing at the 2* Level, and this will be her 3rd International Quiz, the first being actually international! Annabelle is looking forward to meeting others and experiencing American culture and horsey life.



Hector Brennan

Hector, a 17-year-old from Woodlands Pony Club in Victoria, shares a special bond with his off the track Thoroughbred, Palmero, lovingly known as Pal. Pal is versatile, but Hector’s favourite activity with him is Fox Hunting. Pal even clinched a 3rd place in the Royal Melbourne Show Hunt Trios in 2023.

For Hector, the countryside offers a haven devoid of dressage tests or courses, allowing him to enjoy the simple pleasure of companionship with his horse.

Having joined Pony Club at the age of four, Hector’s passion for riding has been ingrained in him since he could walk. Despite a fleeting doubt at age seven, Hector found his perfect equine partner in Molly and hasn’t looked back since.

Palmero was a winning steeple chase horse and was passed to Hector from a hunting family, when his rider decided to retire. Hector says, despite Pal’s occasional dopey moments, he can do anything and has a heart of gold.


Kaitlyn Brockett

Kaitlyn, a Year 12 student residing in rural Tasmania, is a member of Lilydale District Pony Club & Adult Riding Club. Throughout her Pony Club journey, she has cherished every aspect of club life, forming meaningful friendships with fellow riders across Tasmania.

One of Kaitlyn’s most memorable experiences was the opportunity to ride the exceptional horse, Badger, who guided her to her first Nationals and earned them Grade 1 achievements in Eventing, Showjumping, and Dressage. Despite her successes, Kaitlyn still finds joy in Pony Club games, polo-X, and utilizing her Pony Club horses for farm work.

In December 2022, Kaitlyn completed her B test and is currently striving towards her A. Recently, she achieved her assessments to become a Preliminary level coach, dedicating some of her rally time to coaching others. Looking ahead, Kaitlyn is eager to debut her young horses in eventing next season.


Sharne Haskins

Sharne, 24 years old, is a proud member of Londonderry Pony Club in Sydney. With over 20 years of Pony Club experience, she has excelled to international levels in both Dressage and Quiz competitions. Sharne’s Quiz journey began at the national level in Australia back in 2017, where she has since claimed the title of National Quiz Champion three times.

Having grown up in and forged a career within the Thoroughbred industry, Sharne’s trip to Kentucky is a dream come true. She expresses deep gratitude for the opportunity to represent Australia at the 2024 International Quiz Exchange, considering it a privilege and an honour.


Rachael Edwards (Coach)

Rachael resides in Victoria, Australia. Rachael is an active member of pony clubs, with more than 35 years of experience as a rider, coach, mentor, assessor (for coaches and riders), event organiser and also as a parent.

Rachael’s quiz coaching career has seen her training quiz teams at Club, Zone, State, National and International level.

In 2020, Rachael won both the Pony Club Victoria and Pony Club Australia “Coach of the Year” awards.

Rachael is delighted to be bringing the Australian Quiz Team athletes over to Kentucky, US, and wishes all countries the best in the competition.