We’re thrilled to introduce the Pony Club Australia Tetrathlon International Exchange Team! This July and August, our team will head to the UK to compete in the Irish Tetrathlon Championships, the UK Senior International Tetrathlon Competition, and the UK Tetrathlon Championships 2024. Between competitions, they’ll enjoy sightseeing and outdoor activities, staying with host families and in various accommodations.

What is Tetrathlon?

Tetrathlon is a team and individual competition specific to Pony Club. Unlike a pentathlon, which includes five events, tetrathlon consists of four: showjumping, running, shooting, and swimming. Competitors are divided into age groups, and the best scores across these four events determine the winners. The shooting involves air pistols and targets, the run is a cross-country event, and the swimming is judged based on distance covered within a set time. Tetrathlon is increasingly popular among both boys and girls, offering opportunities to represent Pony Club at state, national, and international levels.

Our Teams:

Female Team:

  • Darcy Miller (Leven PC, TAS)
  • Emma Wiese (Dryandra PC, WA)
  • Anastasia Topalov (West Toowoomba PC, QLD)
  • Isabelle Cox (Esperance PC, WA)
  • Chloe Leen (Drysdale Leopold PC, VIC)
  • Lily Bright (Katherine HPC, NT) – competing in a composite team with US and NZ

Team Coach: Nikita Mawhirt, WA

Male Team:

  • Amos Vagg (Salt Ash PC, NSW)
  • Bailey Elias (Tasmania Pony & Riding Club, TAS)
  • Daniel Wiese (Dryandra PC, WA)
  • Kian Blanchard (Charlton PC, VIC)
  • Campbell Black (Wallangarra PC, WA)

Team Manager: Janet Hamblin, Warren PC, NSW

Get to Know Our Team Members

Amos Vagg

Amos, 22, from NSW, is a tetrathlete, pentathlete, and sports enthusiast based in Newcastle. A Pony Club member since 2014, Amos competes in eventing, mounted games, and tetrathlon, and trains Arabians for endurance racing.




Anastasia Topalov

Anastasia, 18, from Queensland, recently graduated high school and loves running, swimming, and showjumping. Competing in eventing at the 2* level, she’s excited to represent Australia and meet international Pony Club members.


Bailey Elias

Bailey has been involved in tetrathlon for several years, participating in various national events. A long-time Pony Club member, Bailey also trains in boxing for fitness and discipline.



Campbell Black

Campbell, 17, from Wallangarra Pony Club, has been a member for eight years. He loves tetrathlon and Pony Club Mounted Games (PPMG) and has competed successfully at the national level.


Chloe Leen

Chloe, 17, from Victoria, has been with Drysdale Leopold Pony Club for eight years. She started tetrathlon in 2019 and enjoys swimming and riding the most.


Daniel Wiese

Daniel, from Western Australia, lives on a grain and sheep farm. A student of maths and software engineering, he enjoys various sports and has represented WA in multiple national tetrathlon events.




Darcy Miller

Darcy, 22, from Tasmania, has been a member of Leven Pony Club for 15 years. She excels in showjumping and tetrathlon, and enjoys running with her athletic club.



Emma Wiese

Emma has been part of Dryandra Pony Club for 15 years and loves tetrathlon. Currently studying Veterinary Medicine in Perth, she has competed in several Pony Club Nationals.



Isabelle Cox

Isabelle, from a farm near Esperance, WA, is in her final year of high school. She enjoys swimming and riding, and has been hooked on tetrathlon since year 7.



Janet Hamblin

Janet, the team manager, lives on a large property in western NSW. A long-time Pony Club member, she has travelled with international teams and looks forward to supporting the team in 2024.





Kian Blanchard

Kian, 17, from Bendigo, Victoria, is an apprentice electrician. A Pony Club member since age 4, he has represented Victoria nationally in show jumping and tetrathlon. Kian enjoys camping, fishing, and has a unique flair for old-time dancing.





Lily Bright

Lily, from the Northern Territory, has been riding since a young age. She loves show jumping, horse riding, competitive pistol shooting, and swimming. Tetrathlon combines her favorite sports into one competition.



Nikita Mawhirt

Nikita, the team coach, started swimming and riding at a young age. She has represented Australia in Modern Pentathlon and now coaches the WA State Tetrathlon team, achieving national success.

Looking Forward

We’re proud of our talented athletes and excited to see our teams compete, make new friends, and create unforgettable memories in the UK. Go Australia!