Cute-shaped Ears Horses and Hearing

Just like people, horses’ hearing deteriorates as they get older.
This may make them react differently, which means you need to act differently around them.
Can you name some ways?
Research shows many horses like classical music or instrumental guitar.
Do you know what your horse likes? How do you know – how does he react to music?
  • A horse will rotate its ears in the direction of a sound and the funnel shape assists sound detection.
  • Horses can hear higher frequencies

than us so they might react to

something we cannot hear, like

ultrasonic rodent repellents.

  • A horse can recognise its humans

and stable mates from sound alone.

  • Hearing ability weakens with age

but other senses adapt.

  • Research shows many horses prefer

classical music or instrumental guitar.

What music does your horse like?